Fear to Love 

Zekiah’s boyfriend of four years, Ben, was always there when she needed support, even though he had been cheating on her with her cousin, Ainsley. Zekiah still wanted him to be a part of her life since he was the only one who knew how to contain her anger.

And then a guy moved in next door.

Zekiah didn’t know what she was getting caught up in. She thought that with the new guy moving in with his family, her life would still be peaceful and quiet. What she didn’t know was that the closer she was to the new guy, the more trouble she would find herself in because of him. And she loved every minute of it. Almost.

Follow Zekiah and Jaron’s on-again, off-again tumultuous relationship. Every time you think you have them figured out, life throws them another curveball. See if you can keep up with their insane lives that came crashing together under the most unusual circumstances.


Fear to Lose

Fear to Lose continues the story of Fear to Love, the first book in author Jadyn’s series of three. Picking up where the first tale ended, this story shows how two people deal with the challenges in their relationship.

In the first book, Jaron and Zekiah fell in love and got engaged. Here, they are facing challenges because of past problems that came back to haunt them. Both discover that they have to deal with the past and also with the present where people seek to interfere with what is supposedly a relationship between the two of them.

This tale brings the most destroying love to life and shows how one enemy (friend or family) does not approve of Jaron and Zekiah’s love. It also displays so much hate between both families and so much emotional goodbyes when one leaves and how one person would protect the other one by risking its life to save that person.

Jadyn shares a story that mirrors a facet of today’s society and hopes that “those going through challenges in their relationships can learn from this story and might help them in their relationship problems.” Fear to Lose showed one way how to handle such situations as Jaron and Zekiah face and shows readers that they should not have to rely solely on themselves but to share their problems to someone they can trust.


Fear to Live

Life took a big turn when Jaron found out that Zekiah was engaged to a guy named Jayce Westwood, but he knew it wasn’t true, until he discovered from Jeremiah that Jayce is bisexual. But Zekiah was still playing hard to get around him. Little did they know, trouble was around them again, and they both knew they needed each other.

When Zekiah’s grandmother died in her sleep at Jeremiah’s place, she was heartbroken, knowing that the person she loved sharing her thoughts to and adored so much was gone. But Jaron fought his way to her heart to be with her as she grieved for her grandmother’s death.

But Jaden’s name has been heard again, and he’s back to ruin them both. Jaron knew just what to do to get rid of him again so that he could be with the love of his life again, Zekiah Wonder. Will they be able to get through their problems together, or will they have to lean on themselves to work it out?


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Jadyn Patrilita Petimara Ualesi Book Collection

Jadyn Patrilita Petimara Ualesi Book Collection