Meet the Author

Jadyn P. P. Ualesi was born and raised in Samoa until in 2015, she moved to New Zealand for further studies. She was interested in writing when she was just 13 years of age and it was something that she knew she’s going to continue doing it as she grew up.

When she was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever in 2010, it has put an end to the sports she loved playing (netball and volleyball), but she knew there was one thing that can motivate her to keep on going – writing.

She’s very quiet, goes through a lot by herself and she doesn’t really like sharing her thoughts among others but she loves writing them down. That’s when she wrote her first book, “Broken Tears,” which remained unpublished today because she’s not ready to face the consequences if she publishes it. She then wrote about her relationships in the book Fear to Love and what she thinks about love and how it has affected her life.

She continued writing it as a three book series with the second one titled Fear to Lose and this third one titled Fear to Live with the hope to help other people overcome their fears with love.


Jadyn Patrilita Petimara Ualesi Book Collection

Jadyn Patrilita Petimara Ualesi Book Collection